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Unlock Your Full Smile Potential
Let's bring your perfect smile design to life!
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Welcome to Dale City Smiles, where we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their smile.

Our custom-made smile makeover services in Woodbridge, VA, are tailored to address your unique concerns and desires.

We understand that feeling dissatisfied with your smile can impact your confidence and self-esteem, which is why we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams.

At Dale City Smiles, we offer a range of smile design options, including:

Benefits of a Smile Makeover
Here are some advantages of a custom smile makeover at Dale City Smiles.
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Enhanced Confidence

A smile makeover can significantly boost your confidence. You’ll feel more self-assured in social and professional interactions with an attractive smile.

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Improved Oral Health

Beyond cosmetic enhancements, you’ll not only achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile but also improve your overall oral health, reducing the risk of future dental problems.

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Personalized Results

One of the key benefits of a smile makeover is its customized treatment plan, which aligns with your dreams and delivers results that exceed your expectations.

Unlock Your Ideal Smile With Smile Design
Let's bring your perfect smile design to life!
A female smiles after her smile makeover

Our experienced team combines restorative and cosmetic dentistry techniques to create the smile you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re interested in subtle enhancements or a complete smile makeover, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Your dream smile is closer than you think. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a more confident and beautiful smile with Dale City Smiles.

A female smiles after her smile makeover
Crafting Your Perfect Smile
The process behind the smile of your dreams.
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Personalized Treatment Plans

During consultation, we consider your facial features like face shape and gumline, ensuring a natural smile makeover. Your desires and dental needs are our priority for a radiant, personalized smile transformation.

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Enhance Your Appearance

Our smile makeovers are customized to meet your needs and aim to improve or restore teeth.With our skilled team, expect exceptional results enhancing both your smile and confidence, for a radiant new appearance.

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Experience The Transformation

At Dale City Smiles, we believe in giving everyone a smile to be proud of. Witness the remarkable transformation firsthand as we help you achieve the radiant smile you’ve always desired.

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Smile Design FAQs
  • How much does it cost to fix your smile?

    The cost of fixing your smile depends on your goals and the procedure. Each case is unique.

    Please contact Dale City Smiles in Woodbridge, VA for a smile design consultation.

  • What is a smile makeover/smile design?

    A smile makeover/smile design is a custom plan to give you the smile of your dreams. It typically involves a combination of treatments involving restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or both.

    Options include orthodontics (metal braces or clear aligners), whitening, fillings, bonding, veneers, dental implants, and crowns.

    A smile makeover/smile design enhances your appearance while maintaining a natural look for teeth. It has the power to alter the alignment and spacing of teeth, their size, shape, and color. The result is a natural-looking, beautiful smile that suits your face.

    We’ll define your goals—are you looking to brighten your smile, straighten your teeth, restore missing teeth, or completely reinvent yourself? Then we’ll create and execute the plan.

  • How is smile correction done?

    Smile correction is done using a specific treatment or several treatments to fix and create your perfect smile. This can involve a mix of restorative or cosmetic dentistry options.

  • How do celebrities get perfect teeth?

    Many celebrities get perfect teeth with a smile design/smile makeover.

    While many celebrities with natural teeth only need whitening, others have porcelain veneers. These custom-made porcelain shells adhere to teeth for a flawless appearance and can completely change the look of a person’s teeth.

    The best part about a celebrity smile is that it looks natural, and with our custom smile makeover/smile design, we can do the same for you. Contact us for your smile design consultation today.

  • Are veneers safe?

    Yes, veneers are safe. They’ve been used for years, and we’re experienced in creating perfect smiles with the application of custom-made veneers.

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